HR LEVEL10 is a fully automated tool used in Human Resources for employee on-boarding, real time content delivery and tracking as well surveying employees as they exit. Its platform will sync with current Human Resource or Accounting API's for seamless rollouts.

The newest feature is the ability to push out relevant and critical information to employees while at the same time, tracking their touch points. This ensures all in- formation is being tracked as essential content and is being reviewed and acknowledged by all employees. Email triggers continue to be sent to any employee that has not logged on to their portal to view and sign required documents. The platform eliminates any assumptions made when it comes to receipt of any employee communication.
Survey LEVEL10 is one of the most comprehensive survey tool available to senior living communities. With thousands of surveys being taken and submitted daily, its robust platform provides the community with real time data. Survey LEVEL10 provides multiple options when it comes to survey implementation:
• Digital survey
• Print and Mail Surveys
• Phone
Regardless of the technique chosen, all data is entered and stored in the facility's portal. This ensures real time data and as well as notifications when an issue is in need of immediate attention. Through real-time feedback and data benchmarks, our state-of-the art survey technology provides a facility with actionable information which ensures the highest level of care from admission through discharge. Statistics show that an engaged patient or resident is more loyal and likely to refer a friend or extended family member to a facility.

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